Pomsky Puppies Available!!!
We are a REAL Pomsky Breeder. 
We are one of the first breeders established in the United States. 
We are a small breeding program and we meet with clients and their puppies, talk to clients, text clients, messenger clients, email, facetime and send video.
  We contact FBI cyber crime to report pet scammers who try to steal our photos for scamming purposes.
See Puppy Page for available puppies listed.

Pomsky puppies are here. See puppy page for updates. Contact us if you want to be on the contact list. We also are accepting deposits if you want to secure a puppy ahead of time.

Puppies will come with 1st shot, vet check, health certification, microchip, wormer and health guarantee.  Free US Shipping.

Photos below are PAST PUPPIES SOLD.





Below are previous sold pomskies.



We are working with the best quality dogs to plan breedings for health, personality and beauty. Perfect Pomskies are the best of both the Siberian husky and the Pomeranian. High intelligence, good energy, loving and loyal. Excellent family dog. Not as vocal as a typical Pomeranian and not as big as a Husky. A great combination of beauty and intelligence in a small but sturdy package. We strive to produce the best characteristics of the pomeranian and a siberian husky in our pomskies.

Temperament: Very playful and confident, loyal and easy to train(once out of puppy stage)

Intelligence: High (We have had bordie collies our whole lives and the pomsky has the same level of  intelligence)

Energy Level: Moderate

Markings and Color: array of beautiful colors, usually with the husky markings and mask or our pomeranians mask.

Eye Color: blue, brown, green or a combination of two.

Fur and Coat:  minimal grooming requirements; self maintaining. We breed short, plush and wooly coats.

Size and Weight:  mom husky (50lb) and  dad pomeranian (5lb) gives litter a variety of sizes. 

Average weight ranges

F1 generation 50% Siberian Husky 50% Pomeranian 15-30lb.(Husky to Pom)

F1b generation 75% Pomeranian 25% Siberian Husky 10-15lb (F1 pomsky to Pom)

F2 generation pomsky breeding 10-30lb (F1 to F1or F2 Pomsky) wider range of sizes small to medium

Our F1 and F1b Pomskies are bred by Artificial Insemination. Doing it natural is dangerous for the male pomeranian.

Our F2 Pomskies are F1 to F1. natural breeding. 

Once puppies are 5/6 weeks old, we can get a better weight range for that puppy.

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