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Previous litters  

Male Red/Chocolate and white wooly male with light green eyes . Adopted

  Puppies comes with health certification, health guarentee, vet checks, vaccination,microchip, worming. shipping available if needed. Pet Only Contract. No puppies sold to unapproved breeders. 

SOLD Puppy A Wolf gray and white female. Very fluffy. 

SOLD AVAILABLE for Christmas. Puppy C Red Chocolate/white male Wooly fluff green eyes 

SOLD Puppy D White/Black male blue/green/hazel eyes Wooly Fluff

SOLD Puppy A Harry Potter Rare Black/white and silver. Wooly fluff

SOLD Puppy B Hermione Granger . Very fluffy female. Wolf gray and white

Contact us for more info at puppies@perfectpomsky.com

Please contact us to be put on the contact list. You may also fill out a puppy request to be put on the contact list. 

Taking reservations for the December litter. Husky marked 50/50 pomsky puppies. photos coming soon.

Puppy G male SOLD

Puppy B Female SOLD

Puppy C female SOLD.


Puppy B female SOLD

Puppy C Female SOLD

Puppy D Female SOLD

SOLD past puppies listed below for examples

Cream white female available. SOLD

Light Red/white husky mask Male available SOLD




SOLD Blue Merle Pomsky

SOLD Puppy A Chocolate and White male 

SOLD Black, Silver and White fluffy pomsky.

SOLD.Exotic Black and White Fluffy Pomsky. 

SOLD Puppy

SOLD Puppy B Wolf Sable and White Female SOLD

Puppy C Wolf Sable with white markings Female SOLD

SOLD Puppy D Black and White Female SOLD

SOLD Puppy E Black and White Female SOLD

Below are previous sold puppies.

SOLD -Cream White Amber eyes with blue specs. Female pomsky

SOLD-Cream White Hazel Eye Male pomsky. Going to be smaller.

SOLD Red with White Trim, Hazel Eye Female pomsky- going to be small  

SOLD Cream White Green Eyes Male pomsky