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Why do our Pomskys look great?  

They are raised on a 5 acre old dairy farm in county setting with plenty of love and exercise. 

My husband and I have medical science degrees and have over 15 years of experience. Our dogs are our family and co workers. 

Our dogs are trained and we highly recommend new puppy/dog owners to attend obedience classes to provide the best bond. Our dogs are very easy to train. 

We pick only high quality healthy dogs and some were very expensive. We pick breedings based on health, intelligence, beauty, color, coat and size.

They are fed Purina One dog food. We have used lots of brands and this one has by far exceeded in health and coat. On ocassion, they eat raw foods as treat.

Fresh water everyday is also key to good health.

All our dogs and puppies have scheduled vet checks. 

We attend a dog park to make sure our dogs know how to go to town and get along. 

We have 2 vets. One vet is for general health. The other is for artification insemination. Both are University of Illinois alumni.  Both will give references on our care.

We have 3 groomers. Grooming is important for good health. I typically have all my dogs groomed twice a year.

All dogs are up to date on vaccination, worming and flea meds.