Adult Pomsky Available


Pomsky in a loving home and a therapy dog for children/nursing homes.

Timber is a super friendly loving pomsky. Very obedient and smart. He is a great family type dog. Love to play , ride in the car and go on walks. He is leash and crate trained. He has brought us beautiful Pomsky puppies. He is Neutered, up to date on vaccinations and wormer.

He is a perfect Pomsky and was in our program. He gave us wonderful Pomsky puppies. As a breeder, we train and love our adults so they can be placed in approved homes. Timber is very smart and focused. With additional training, would be good as therapy or service dog.


Heidi Retired breeder and pet (Siberian Husky)


Placed in great home on airforce base.

Heidi was our foundation Siberian husky. show lines. 

Gave us wonderful puppies that were smart and family oriented.

She was easily trained with a willing personality to please.

Always a good girl :)